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Shared Mail (Marriage Mail)  programs allow retailers to mail to almost any household at a fraction of the regular postage costs.

With shared mail, your printed piece is packaged with those of other advertisers so that every included piece contributes to the total cost of delivery. No mailing lists need to be purchased and is grouped with other advertisers means that householders look forward to the packet every week. Grocers, realtors, garden centers, and many retail stores use shared mail to send out sales flyers and other promotions.

You choose how often and which retail trade areas to target. Generally, you will direct your mailings to an entire zip code but in some urban areas, a zip code may be broken into several targeted areas that can be selected.

This program is available in about 90% of the country and is not offered in some rural areas.

This is the least expensive option within LocalMailMax℠ and is generally used for large quantities, larger pieces, and circulars.

LocalMailMax℠ works with all major providers of Marriage Mail Services, including ADVO, Valassis, Red Plum, ShopWise, and others.

With one call to the LocalMailMax℠ customer service representative, you can cover virtually all of the United States.

5 Star Marriage Mail Circular Using the most up to date demographic and lifestyle information, we help you select the best zip codes and we do all the designing, printing, and distribution of your promotion.

Through the years, Bagwell Marketing has helped many of our clients with a Marriage Mail or Shared Mail program.

We have handled projects from 20,000 pieces to over a million pieces a month for a client in the rent-to-own business.

There are many ways to use Marriage Mail or Shared Mail

The most popular is a printed piece that is “inserted” into the marriage mail wrap.  Typically it is an 8 1/2 by 11 full color both sides printed mailing piece. However, we can offer a 4-page tabloid piece or postcards that are inserted.

Our turn-key mailing program includes printing,  design, inserting, and postage.   However, you can print and design your own piece and provide it to us for distribution.

Wrap: Mos of the Marriage Mail and Shared Mail programs have a “wrap.” This is the 4 pages on the outside that hold the piece together.  You can place your ad on the two outside pages or the two inside pages. The wrap area is sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Typically large chains such as Pizza Restaurants purchase this space a year in advance.  However, there is often available in many markets.

The wrap covers a much wider area than the Marriage Mail and Shared Mail inserts.  While you can purchase the inserts by zip codes, the wrap is purchased by a major coverage area.  In Dallas, Texas this may include several wrap zones.  In smaller cities, there may be only one or two wrap zones. Typically a wrap zone will cover  40,000 to 150,000 households.

If you need to target a larger area, the wrap zone may work for you. To find out if there is a wrap zone available in your area  Contact our direct marketing specialist for more information.

Premium Postcards Outside the Marriage Mail Wrap

Car Dealer Direct Mail Postcard
Previously called “the missing child postcard” most Marriage Mail and Shared Mail programs now offer a postcard that is delivered with the traditional Marriage Mail and Shared Mail Packet.  The postcard gives you additional impact.

This program is not available in all markets but covers most of the Marriage Mail and Shared Mail markets.   Contact our direct marketing specialist for more information.

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Marriage Mail  Programs are known by different names, including ADVO, Valassis, Red Plum, ShopWise, and others.  Bagwell Marketing and LocalMailMax℠ operate independently of these companies and provide additional value-added services.