Custom Direct Mail Programs

Custom Direct Mail Program for a Postcard for churchUsing mail lists, LocalMailMax℠ can create custom direct mail programs for businesses and organizations.

This service allows companies or nonprofits to target former customers, members, or strong prospects and allows the communicator to send surveys, special offers, or exclusive information to particular recipients.

The example on the left is for a church that wanted to target people who have just moved into the neighborhood. They know their “best prospects” are people who are new to the area but have not found a church to attend.

This can be particularly helpful for businesses with a niche market or a custom list. We’ve used this program for a private school that wanted to reach only families with high school students, a church that needed to reach families with elementary students for a Vacation Bible School, and a bank that wanted to reach senior citizens with a special offer. Organizations or services with members or loyal customers may also use Custom Direct to send specific messages to those mailing lists. The potential for targeting by demographics is endless.

LocalMailMax℠ will handle the copywriting, designing, printing, and mailing on time and on budget of your custom direct mail program. This is a bit more expensive than the other options but has much more flexibility for enterprises. It provides individualized mailing to specific homes. It requires a mailing list but is perfect when a smaller quantity and tighter targeting are desired.

LocalMailMax℠ provides a custom direct mail program that is convenient and cost-effective for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits.

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